What are your top Palm Desert Tourist Attractions?

February 15, 2018
Category: Tourist Attractions

Palm Desert has an assortment of attractions. Some are more thrilling while some are more rejuvenating. If you intend to have fun, unwind, and have a memorable time,then Palm Desert is an apt choice. The city has an eclectic mix of shops, including designer brands and boutiques, so you ought to shop. The living desert experience with its flora & fauna, wildlife, and special tours should be a top priority. There is plenty of live entertainment including musicals, dances, concerts and opera, as well as the orchestra. Don’t forget to swing by some of the lovely restaurants and beautiful public art displays. Spend a few hours at El Paseo and embark on one of the many hiking trails. You can test your golfing mettle at one of the championship courses or enjoy idyllic strolls in one of the many parks.

Palm Desert Top Attractions

The Bump-n-Grind Trail is a star attraction in Palm Desert. It is also known as Patton Trail, Desert Mirage Trail and Desert Drive Trail so don’t get confused if people use these names. The net elevation gain of a thousand feet gives you a nice workout.

Cabot’s Pueblo Museum is another star attraction. The Hopi style pueblo celebrates the revival style and is a quintessential part of the history of the region. Beyond the artifacts and artwork in the historical museum, you should be at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, which used to be called Living Desert Museum. It is a botanical garden and a zoo. Watch in wonder as the wolves and eagles, zebras, giraffes and camels go about their usual business. They are more active in the mornings so factor that in when you plan a day trip.

Palm Desert Aquatic Center is an ideal place for families with kids. It remains open throughout the year. There are three swimming pools, many water slides and diving boards, play features and rental spaces. You should include the Palm Springs Art Museum in your itinerary. Take the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway, explore San Andreas Fault, visit Smiler’s Point, consider touring the Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve and hop aboard a hot air balloon. If you love beer, then you should check out the Coachella Valley Brewing Company. Finally, don’t forget a jeep tour.

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