Palm Springs

November 15, 2017
Category: Palm Desert Attractions

Palm Springs in Riverside County, California, United States, is a desert resort town that situated in the Coachella Valley. This spot is like a scenic oasis within a desert, leaving you with a bout of fun and relaxation in a desert environment. Many folks love visiting Palm Springs year-round due to its favorable climate.

Discover Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a haven for outdoor adventure, arts, culture, gaming, and entertainment. This small city is located approximately 89 km east of San Bernardino, 172 km east of Los Angeles, 198 km northeast of San Diego, and about 431 km west of Phoenix, Arizona. The population of Palm Springs in 2010 was about 44,552. Palm Springs covers approximately 94 square miles in total, making it the largest city in the county by land area.

You can soar to the top of Mount San Jacinto or find yourself hiking through ancient palm groves, walking along stunning scenic trails. Additionally, you can also ride a cruiser through the beautiful area top-down; enjoying the Spanish style and the mid-century modern architecture. There is just so much to do in Palm Springs from golfing to enjoying a massage and spa treatment at one of the many hot springs or desert resorts. You can also take a tour at any of the excellent area art and history museums. Guests must definitely find some time to dine alfresco and walk around Downtown Palm Springs and enjoy the shopping while strolling down Palm Canyon Drive, the Main Street that also has its own Walk of Stars.

Palm Springs is just like a living museum with many homes and historic buildings designed by some of the 20th century’s finest architects. There is so much to discover in this desert city, you can learn about a remarkable group of architects, builders, and Hollywood celebrities. Additionally, you can listen to the back-stories that add life, humor, and awe to Palm Springs’ extraordinary concentration of modernist buildings. Palm Springs is top on the recommendation of places to visit for anyone interested in taking a quick tour of mid-century modern architecture. You can go on and explore Palm Springs with the whole family or make a romantic excursion as many snowbirds do during The Winter, as there is always something of interest for people of all ages.

Mojave Resort: A Palm Desert Hotel

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