Hiking in Palm Desert: Best Spots!

January 15, 2018
Category: Palm Desert Attractions

Hiking in Palm Desert is an adventure replete with history and natural beauty. Palm Desert is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. There are several trails, which you can choose from depending on your experience in hiking and fitness level. It is perhaps needless to mention that you should plan your hike well in advance so you since you would be braving some elements including the desert sun.

Best Hiking Spots around Palm Desert

Hopalong Cassidy Trail is a popular hiking trail, especially because of the cowboy icon’s portrayal on television and in movies. William Boyd was a resident of Palm Desert and the trail was dedicated to him in 2004. There is a lot of information about this trail but as Hopalong Cassidy would have recommended, ensure safety at all times while you enjoy the trail.

Randall Henderson Trail honors the desert explorer, visionary, and author who played an influential and consequential role in the development of the region. He not only documented its growth and history with the works published in The Desert Magazine but he also was among the first visionaries to recognize the potential of the area. The trail was dedicated to him in 2005.

Herb Jeffries Trail honors the iconic Bronze Buckaroo. A recording artist and film star who dominated mainstream westerns and emerged to become a cowboy legend for African Americans, Herb Jeffries was also a resident of Palm Desert in his younger days and the trail was dedicated to him in 2005.

One of the best hiking spots in Palm Desert is, of course, the Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. If you are willing to explore multiple trails in and around Palm Desert, then you should definitely consider the Bump and Grind Trail, Homestead Trail to the Cross, La Quinta Cove Hike, Indian Canyons, Bighorn Overlook Trail, Lykken Trail, Cactus to Clouds Hike, Tahquitz Canyon and Coachella Valley Preserve. The trails vary greatly in length and the complexity or difficulty of the hikes must be taken into consideration while choosing one over another. Adventurists should also consider the weather at the time of their holidaying to be well prepared.

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