Explore the San Andreas Fault in Palm Desert

September 15, 2017
Category: Palm Desert Attractions

San Andreas Fault is one of the most striking geological features of the West Coast. There are many cities wherefrom you can explore the San Andreas Fault, including Indio, San Bernardino, Little Rock, Palmdale, San Juan Batista, Lexington Hills, Portola Valley, Hillsboro, Daly City, Bodega Bay and Cape Mendocino. Perhaps the most fascinating of all these places to explore the San Andreas Fault is Palm Desert in Greater Palm Springs, California. One reason is the proximity. You can drive to the sites along the fault. The other reason is the number of tours available for tourists and locals. The jeep tours are fascinating to say the least.

About San Andreas Fault

San Andreas Fault is the most menacing of all geological features, not just in the United States but across North America. It is the San Andreas Fault that is mostly blamed for continental rifts causing earthquakes in the state of California. The fault is actually the boundary formed by two gigantic tectonic plates, the Pacific plate and the North American plate. The fault line is 800 miles long and ten miles deep at least. It is entirely in California. It was the clash of these two plates that caused the devastating 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.

While geologists and enthusiasts have always been intrigued by the fault, tourists embark on a myriad of adventures along the seam. You can get every piece of relevant information, be it geographic details helping you to find the fault or geological information to understand the fault better at San Andreas Fault.

The highlights of the San Andreas are mud pots and oasis. Salton Sea State Recreation Area is one of the most frequented places along the fault. You can plan a day trip to Salton Sea State Recreation Area from Palm Springs. The palm trees, flora, the fissures, tropical plants, the fault itself with its complex geological features, groves and hikes make for an amazing day out. You should consider signing up for a guided jeep tour. Not everyone likes to hike around and the information shared by docents will make your adventure more satisfying.